Indoor AR Guide

Free mobile app to help Hosts share information about their property with their guests. Using augmented reality, you can give guests a full 3D home tour with the press of a button. Everything is done from your phone and is so easy it can be done in minutes.

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Easiest way ever to create a 3D virtual house tour.


Providing information on household appliances using pointers.


Possibility to instantly share an app link with guests.


Outstanding augmented reality experience for your guests

Why ARguide App

It is a free AR solution for hosts that is an alternative to traditional ways to show accommodation. No more time-consuming home tours for guests, no inconvenient reminders, no costly and frequent calls.

Video instruction


Using Indoor AR Guide you can make a clear and easy-to-use 360 house tour and send it to your guests.

See how easy is to make a virtual house tour

Benefits of virtual house tours

For host

  • Quick and easy 3D house tour creation.
  • Instant map share with unlimited guests.
  • Text and video instructions for your guests 24/7

For guest

  • Easy-to-use mobile application.
  • No more roaming calls to your hosts.
  • Always free.

How it works

First, you should scan all the places where you want to leave useful tips or instructions.

To start making a 3d tour tap on “create a new map”.

Move your device around slowly to create a virtual house tour of your space.

Img-how it works
Img-how it works 2

You can scale, rotate and drag the object with your 2 fingers.

If you want start writing a message, tap on the object.


For attachong your object to a specific place, hold it and move with the device.

In order to remove an item, drag it to the bin in the upper left corner.

Making 3D house tours F.A.Q


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